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Developer Environments

There are a few different combinations of development environments that you should consider before beginning your RhoMobile application. Although, RhoStudio offers you a complete development experience for code editing, debugging and building platform specific runtimes, you can however use other combinations of tools to still get the job done.

Developing with RhoStudio

RhoStudio is installed automatically when you install RhoMobile Suite. It provides developers a complete experience for writing code, debugging, testing, building and deploying to devices. RhoStudio is based on the very popular Eclipse platform and developers can add Eclipse plug-ins to RhoStudio to customize and enhance it’s functionality.

In order to build applications for specific mobile platforms, the respective platform SDK needs to be installed properly on your development machine as well as linked to RhoStudio. Once these have been setup, the build process happens all within RhoStudio.

Read more about how to use and setup RhoStudio.

Developing with Visual Studio

A Visual Studio plugin is available to allow developers to build RhoMobile applications that are targeted for Windows Phone 8 devices.

Read more about how to use and setup the RhoMobile Visual Studio plugin.

Developing with Another IDE/Editor

Writing code for your RhoMobile application involves writing JavaScript, HTML, CSS or Ruby. You can use your tool of choice for editing your code whether it is your favorite text editor or an IDE that supports these languages.

When using text editors or other IDE’s, you can use RhoMobile’s command line options to run build, deploy and app scaffolding activities.

Read more about how to use a text editor with RhoMobile’s command line options

Build environments in the cloud with RhoMobile Remote Build

RhoMobile remote build, formerly known as RhoHub, provides all of the supported platform specific build environments so that you can code locally but leverage a hosted environment for the build and packaging process. When using Remote Build you can either use RhoStudio’s integrated features or your own text editor. RhoStudio provides one click access and integration to build remotely so that you can code locally but not worry about the hassle of setting up and maintaining local native platform SDKs. You can also use your own local text editor or IDE to write or edit your code and upload thanks to the remote build’s GitHub integration.

Read more about how to use and setup RhoMobile Remote Build.

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