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You need to enable the Camera capability. This is done by adding the following lines to build.yml:

  - camera

Check if the device has a camera:


Camera API

Refer to the Camera API methods to perform the following functionality.

You can set extended options for take_picture on iOS and Android, for choose_picture on iPhone, and for RhoElements Zebra devices.


See controller and view in the /app/Image folder of the System API Samples application for more information.

Here is an example call from the System API Samples application.

settings = { :camera_type => @params['camera_type'],
  :color_model => @params['color_model'], :enable_editing => en_ed,
  :desired_width => width, :desired_height => height, :flash_mode => 'auto' }
Camera::take_picture(url_for(:action => :camera_callback), settings)
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